Holiday Detox

lightroom-0192 lightroom-0186 lightroom-0307 lightroom-0339 lightroom-0299 lightroom-0202 lightroom-0354 Pictures by Christian Samuelson

In the Shadows

A new holiday means new looks. And we are all guilty of turning our shopping addictions on overdrive before we hit a holiday… You know what I’m talking about! We buy the perfect sundress, the versatile strappy sandal and the “must have” bikini… And we repeat this year after year, holiday after holiday. However, if you are lucky enough, like me, to live in a country where people come out to the streets to do a sundance every time the mercury goes over the 20 degree mark. You know that the likelihood of you wearing those clothes any other time are slim to nada.

To break this vicious circle of buying clothes, I only wear once, before moving on to the next holiday spree, I decided to stick to my trusted uniform of shorts and tops, for our Cuba trip, with some good oldies from my wardrobe. This was my version of a holiday detox!

Now I must warn you, I wasn’t very sartorially snappy happy during this holiday. Main reason being, that what I was seeing in front of me was so beautiful, I had a hard time stepping from behind the lense to face it. Cuba, its people and its colourful walls or good old me in a cute outfit or two, what subject would you choose? … Nah stop it … really stop it … I am not fishing for compliments… Oh alright then, thank you … Don’t make me blush.

We took these pictures during our first day in Havana, making the most of the light and shade contrast we saw wherever we went. Light and shade, but with a good splash of colour. Whether it be blue, green or red, I love how each one of these pictures has one simple colour that overrules them all. I guess that is what colour in Cuba looks like.

lightroom-0331 lightroom-0315 lightroom-0294 lightroom-0345 TOP- Urban Outfitters; SHORTS – Vintage – love these colourful high waisted shorts; SHOES – Hakei; SUNGLASSES – Prada – similar here.


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  1. Trang Do
    September 8, 2015 at 12:08 pm (2 years ago)

    Love your pictures!! You look beautiful in every picture because of your smile!! 🙂
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}


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