Cienfuegos – Fire Fire Fire

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A Local Stop Over

For our trip to Cuba, we knew from the start that we wanted to drive around and road trip to as many unique destinations as we could in a week. Unfortunately the reality of Cuban road signage (or lack of) and “no-GPS-land” meant we had to hire a driver. Now this sounds like a bit of a luxurious option for a road trip, and if I am honest it was, as this was by far the most expensive part of our holiday. But unfortunately, with only one week to discover the island, getting the long Viazul bus routes was not an option. If you have more time to spare when you go to Cuba, no need to splurge, just get the bus.

The distance between the Cuban highlights, Viñales and Trinidad was a little bit of a trek, so we decided to stop overnight in Cienfuegos, to break up the long drive. Cienfuegos is not your typical tourist Cuban hotspot, like Havana or Trinidad. Cienfuegos is a city where locals and visitors blend in as much as possible and the stress of being overly harassed for sporting a heavy SLR around your neck is quasi non-existent.

My precious memories of Cienfuegos are those of local kids and old men enjoying a rainy afternoon, a needed break from the sweltering heat. Memories of the friendliest Cuban people we met during our trip, helpful, kind and curious. My favourite moment of that day was when a Swede decided to explain and show a group of 4 Cuban kids, without a word of Español, how the GoPro worked on his phone. A truly endearing moment to say the least.

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TOP- Forever 21; SHORTS – Mango; SUNGLASSES – Ray-Ban; HAT – Cuban Street Vendor  – some other pretty cool hats I like here, here and here

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