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Pictures by Christian Samuelson

Jumping Jumpsuit

I rarely talk about Dublin’s fair city on the blog. When I do, it is mainly to comment on its unpredictable weather and the bane it is to my sartorial existence.
Rarely do I compliment it for being a small yet truly multifaceted and international city. Not only is the jolly capital surrounded by wonderful Irish greenery, choppy seas and picturesque mountains. It also has a more modern and architectural urban scene, epitomised by the notorious Grand Canal Dock. With its landmark Bord Gais theatre and  funky red light display, the area is buzzing with a young and international crowd, keen to chill and enjoy its blooming brunch scene.

Having worked and lived in the area for a number of years now, I couldn’t think of a better backdrop for my attempt at being a human sized, blazer-wearing, snow leopard. The privacy of a rooftop allowed me to behave like a cooky animal in my own urban jungle, wrapped in the comfort of a jumpsuit.

Aaah jumpsuits, they are the ultimate cool/lazy outfit, perfect for pretty much any occasion. You walk around feeling warm, fuzzy and warm on the inside, like a giant baby, while (hopefully) making a fierce and striking statement on the outside.
I decided to pair my baggy jumpsuit with a sharp blazer and some strappy white sandals, to avoid the awkward “are you wearing pyjamas” look. Let’s hope the trick worked.

P.S. Check out my recent column for Blog and the City. 

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Hair Woes











Pictures by Christian Samuelson

The Curl Curse

I have a confession to make, despite loving style and fashion, and being so obsessed with clothes that I live in a closet and choose to write a blog about it. When it comes to the other side of the stereotypically girly spectrum, i.e. beauty, I am totally and utterly useless.
Hair and make up are 2 things that I honestly know absolutely nothing about.
Ask me how to style your dress, match shoes to your look or invest in basics, I am the girl for you. Ask me how to put a bobby pin in your hair, and my shaky hands will fail to complete the task.

When it comes to make up, my beauty ritual is fairly simple and I like it that way. I am a firm believer in less is more, so lipstick, eye-liner and mascara are my 3 go-tos ( foundation and concealers being, already, beyond my technical capabilities).
On the subject of hair, I have always admired people with gorgeous locks who can do pretty much anything with it. Unfortunately for me I have what I like to call the curl-curse. This means, everyday is a bad hair day (except the first 5 minutes post-wash) and it is tough to do anything with it, or even wear it down, before it becomes a huge nest of knots. Not only do us curly girls have bad hair days, we also have what is known as “terrible hair days”, *cue in gasps of horror and sympathy sounds* .
The day these pics were shot was one of those days. So despite the unusual Closet Roulette choice from Chris, I greatly appreciated the concealment it provided.

My abilities to pull off street cred are very limited, so I chose to pair up my fitted cap with something a bit more polished. A “borrowed” boyfriend shirt, skinny jeans and obviously some cute and comfortable Marc Jacobs sandals, turned the outfit into just my kind of casual. I topped it all off with a bright red lip, for good measure.

I am off to the hairdresser next week, to try and solve my hair troubles with some serious chopping. If the experiment goes terribly wrong and I end up looking like a poodle or worse, expect to see many more fitted caps on here in the future.

CAP – New Era; SHIRT - Ralph Lauren; JEANS – Zara; SANDALS – Marc Jacobs

Closet Roulette #4


The Fitted Cap

Apologies for the September Radio Silence, this was brought on by personal reasons.
But we are back strong, and what better way to welcome the month of October than with a new spot of Closet Roulette.

This time around Chris threw a true spanner in the mix by choosing his first accessory for Closet Roulette. And it wasn’t your run of the mill “necklace, bangle or even scarf” kind of accessory. Oh no…. he chose a fitted cap!
And you might wonder, why is she making such a big deal over a fitted cap? But if you knew me you would understand … I am more of  a high heels than a sweatpants kinda gal.

The reason I own fitted caps in the first place, is because Chris got tired of me wearing his endless and colourful collection (see pictures) around the house. He got me to buy my own first fitted cap back in January, a simple black on black number, with an A for Ana (this might also be the initial of some American sports team I know nothing about…but I like my version better). Six months later, for cap nº2, I chose to be adventurous and opted for the grey version of the exact same cap… Original… I know!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my caps, and I regularly wear them during our travels, on weekends or when I am having a terrible hair day  (because the “bad” ones I can cope with). However, I would not have chosen one of them as outfit post material, but a challenge is a challenge. And what am I, if not a lady that keeps her word.
Find out how I get up to the task in my next post.

Any suggestions on how you would style it?






CAP – New Era