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Pictures by Christian Samuelson

Better than the movies

Italy is one hell of a country, the fact that this one boot shaped country can hold so much beauty, from the heel to the top, is astonishing. Not only is it beauty remarkable, but the diversity of its cities is worth equally as much praise. Rome, Milan and Venice could not be more different, to name but only a few.

Venice in particular is not only unique to Italy, but to the world, this city is truly like no other, and even its American or Chinese homages fail to pay it a worthy tribute.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Venice is everything you see in the overly romantised movies, with sunset trips aboard a gondola, hoards of tourists and palazzos left right and center. It can be overwhelming at times. But if you ditch the map, get lost in a little side street and take a minute to soak in the paint chipping off the side of a building, you realise, this is not Disney, this is real and captivating. Even the not-so-uncommon flooding of Piazza San Marco makes you think, holy cow, we are standing on stilts.

As part of my amazing birthday surprise I talked about, we spent a night in Venice, in the beautiful Boscolo Venezia. Our accommodation made all the difference, as its location, away from the crowded attractions, helped us avoid the tourists traps, to eat and drink like true Venetian locals. Not only that, but, with it being the only hotel in Venice with a private garden, it was also the perfect setting for a light and shade style shoot. Don’t you just love how the leaves’ shadows give my ash pink Cos dress an epic pattern?

DRESS – Cos - similar here and here; NECKLACE – Sfera – similar here and here.

Rocking Milan












Pictures by Christian Samuelson

Birthday Surprise

To kick off Milan Fashion Week in style, here is a little post dedicated to the Italian Fashion Capital.

WARNING, before I get into the outfit and the pictures, I am going to get soppy and personal. If you are not into that, please just enjoy the photos from the wonderful Milan.
Consider yourself warned!

I have the best boyfriend in the world. I know every other girl says that, but really I truly have the most amazing boyfriend in the world. Not only does he patiently put up with taking hundreds of pictures of me, but he puts in the time and dedication to do it with talent and taste. He also happens to be the best person ever at gifts, and spoils me rotten. He has turned it into some sort of tradition to surprise me with “weekends away” when birthday time comes along. Last year he surprised me with a trip to Berlin, and to be honest, the way the whole thing went down (a story for another time) I doubted he would ever be able to top it. However for my 27th he really took it to the next level. He booked us a wonderful weekend to Milan and Venice, filled with everything I love, i.e. food, photography and clothes.

It was my first time ever in Milan, and the city is vibrant, cool and oozes style at every corner (I have never seen such a high ratio of indoor sunglass-wearers).
Talking of corners, the truly magical thing about the city center is you can be walking down a narrow street and next thing you know around the bend stands the majestic Duomo. It is like a shock to the senses when you first see it and enter the pigeon filled square.

On our second day in Milan we got up bright and early, to make the most of the morning light and took a couple of shots at the cathedral, before flocks of tourists joined the birds in the square.
It was pretty damn cold that weekend, so I made sure to wrap up in my favourite leather and wool coat, straight from stylish Copenhagen. Paired the coat up with some leather shorts, biker boots and a Kiss band sweater, and there I was black on black ready to face Italian Fashionistas and the unaffordable stores.  I always find it challenging to make cold weather look fashionable, but I hope I managed to pull it off this time around.

I have loved following the New York and London Fashion Weeks so far this season, I cannot wait to see what Italian houses have to offer.

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The Causeway









Pictures by Christian Samuelson

Wonders of The Emerald Isle

Having lived for over 4 years in Ireland, I am embarrassed to say, I have seen very little of what this beautiful country has to offer.
However, some months ago, a visit from my sister forced me to go and explore a bit more this amazing island. We gave ourselves an ambitious goal of discovering Northern Ireland, ticking off Belfast and Giant’s Causeway, in one day. Unfortunately we failed in our ambitious task and only had time to discover the beautiful causeway. It sure was worth the drive though.

It is hard to explain with words what the Giant’s Causeway is but there is endless myth and legend around its formation. Its beauty and uniqueness is so breathtaking, that I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves, rather than pull out every adjective in the book.

These are the first shots on the blog of my short hairdo au naturel, which basically means ringlet after ringlet turned into an unpredictable bob, hence the headgear. But hey, at least now I can start collecting a new favourite item for my wardrobe, hats! Any tips on where to find amazing hats? I have come across a couple of amazing (unaffordable) brands I like, Worth and Worth, for custom made classics, and Stetson, for a good Cowboy hat,… Yihaaaa .
Any other suggestions?

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