Closet Roulette #4


The Fitted Cap

Apologies for the September Radio Silence, this was brought on by personal reasons.
But we are back strong, and what better way to welcome the month of October than with a new spot of Closet Roulette.

This time around Chris threw a true spanner in the mix by choosing his first accessory for Closet Roulette. And it wasn’t your run of the mill “necklace, bangle or even scarf” kind of accessory. Oh no…. he chose a fitted cap!
And you might wonder, why is she making such a big deal over a fitted cap? But if you knew me you would understand … I am more of  a high heels than a sweatpants kinda gal.

The reason I own fitted caps in the first place, is because Chris got tired of me wearing his endless and colourful collection (see pictures) around the house. He got me to buy my own first fitted cap back in January, a simple black on black number, with an A for Ana (this might also be the initial of some American sports team I know nothing about…but I like my version better). Six months later, for cap nº2, I chose to be adventurous and opted for the grey version of the exact same cap… Original… I know!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my caps, and I regularly wear them during our travels, on weekends or when I am having a terrible hair day  (because the “bad” ones I can cope with). However, I would not have chosen one of them as outfit post material, but a challenge is a challenge. And what am I, if not a lady that keeps her word.
Find out how I get up to the task in my next post.

Any suggestions on how you would style it?






CAP – New Era


Adriatic Road Trip Video

Mistakes are awesome!

After sharing with you all for the past month our amazing trip around the Adriatic region, I thought it would be nice to share with you one last thing (no more summer pictures after that, I promise).
Here is a video of our trip, the stunning roads, the crystal waters and the crazy dancing.

I debated (with myself… *cue in weird image of Ana talking to herself*) long and hard on whether to share this montage with you all.
My first ever attempt at filming and video editing is far from stellar or oscar-worthy. Unfortunately the quality of the image didn’t come out as expected and there is some wobbly camera action that might give you slight sea-sickness… and I could keep going on and on, pointing out what is wrong.

But then I thought to myself, nothing will be perfect the first time around, it takes time and practice to get it right and (*cliché alert*) you learn from your mistakes. And if all mistakes are as sunny and awesome as this one, I cannot wait to make many more.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.



Brela and Brac – Adriatic Road Trip 2014










The End of the Road

We are now officially in September, which only means one thing, Summer is over and Autumn has officially arrived. To be completely honest though, weather wise, as you can probably tell by my countless posts about Irish weather (I am starting to sound a bit like a broken record), this doesn’t make a big deal of difference to us Dubliners. However, being the kind and warm hearted person that I am, I do share your sadness for the end of  sun filled weekends and endless summer nights.

And just like summer, all good things must come to an end, so here is the last leg of our fantastic road trip around the Adriatic.

After a couple of dreamy days in Montenegro, we ventured back into Croatia and hit the road all the way back up to Split. On the way there, we stopped in Brela, renowned for its crystal blue waters. We chose to avoid the town, that was overcrowded and felt like a holiday nightmare, and relied on the locals and my 3 words of Croatian to find the perfect beach spot. And man did we find it! After a bit of dirt track driving and some serious rock climbing action, we arrived at our own private beach. This was by far the best beach and waters we experienced in all the Adriatic, a true postcard moment!

The next day we were on a ferry to Bol, to discover the beautiful little town of Brac. Picturesque and easy-going, the town still had a certain buzz, that made it our perfect and favourite island getaway. Being woken up by the sound of crashing waves was a wonderful added bonus too.

For this last day in Brac, I chose to wear one of my favourite summer items, the denim shirt dress. Perfectly versatile, it can be worn as a summer dress, a beach cover up, a long shirt over trousers (bringing back the 90s)  and even evening wear if worn with the right set of killer heels.

Holiday over, the blog will resume back to normal with your Closet Roulettes and intro to fall outfits very soon.

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